Trinity College Dublin’s Open Day for Students – Saturday, December 9

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Trinity College Dublin’s Open Day for Students – Saturday, December 9  

Dublin, Tuesday December 5th, 2017 – Trinity College Dublin’s Open Day will showcase over 175 presentations on its range of undergraduate courses this Saturday, December 9th. An estimated 7,000 sixth-year students, parents and teachers from all around the country will be in attendance between 9.00am and 3.30pm.

  • A series of photo opportunities involving the students on the day will include:
  • Stevie the robot, Ireland’s first prototype robot for assisted care, developed by a team including robotic engineering students at Trinity, will interact and engage with students. Stevie is a chatty and friendly robot designed to work in assisted care facilities and help the elderly and people living with disability in Ireland (Parson’s building 10am – 3pm)
  • Physics demonstrations with students using a Van Der Graaff – a machine which causes your hair to dramatically stand on end -- and a levitating superconductor – an object suspended over a dish of liquid nitrogen with no support other than magnetic fields (Fitzgerald Library)
  • A conservation of angular momentum experiment in which the subject, a student, holds a spinning wheel and is spun around on either a swivel chair or platform
  • Students with snakes, lizards and large insects organised by the Zoology Department
  • Student medical demonstrations, with white coats and skeletons
  • Engineering demonstrations including robots and a thermal imaging camera showing infrared pictures of student participants

Venue:  Demonstrations will take place all over Campus. The event with Stevie the Robot will take place in the Parson’s building between 10 am and 3pm. Science demonstrations will largely be in the Hamilton and Fitzgerald Buildings, with engineering demos in the Parson’s Building, and also in the Lloyd Institute. More medical and science demonstrations will take place at the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute (Pearse Street). Venue locations can be found on

 Media Contact

 Thomas Deane, Press Officer for the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science, Trinity College Dublin, at / or Tel: 01-896-4685

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