Celebrating the Power of Women’s Voices & Education on International Women’s Day 2017

20 March 2017 

Celebrating the Power of Women’s Voices & Education on International Women’s Day 2017 – SOLAS & the Saol Project

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Almost 20 powerful women will use the opportunity of International Women’s Day to have their voices heard by policy makers at an event organised in partnership with SOLAS, the Further Education and Training Authority today (Wednesday).

The women will discuss their lived experiences of drug use and poverty, and how education can help them to build better lives for themselves and their families.  The Saol Project has worked for 22 years exclusively with women drug users and their children. Saol has supported over 350 women to explore their full potential by focusing on their education needs in order to escape poverty and addiction.

SOLAS CEO, Paul O’Toole said ‘It is very important to have the opportunity to engage directly with leaners in Further Education and Training, to hear of their experiences and how we as policy makers can improve the system to support them.  It is particularly important to hear directly from women. In Ireland, women are far more likely to be in low-paid jobs, work part-time, be lone parents and be responsible for caring for families than men. It is important that these experiences are heard and understood by policy makers and we are grateful to the Saol Project for providing us with this opportunity. It is also important to acknowledge the strength, resilience and achievements of the women from the Saol Project. We at SOLAS welcome the opportunity to come together today to celebrate International Women’s Day with the Project’.

 SOLAS, the Further Education and Training Authority, is responsible for funding, coordinating and supporting the delivery of Further Education and Training in Ireland. SOLAS, through the City of Dublin Education and Training Board, provides funding to the Saol Project. This is the second year that SOLAS has marked International Women’s Day by celebrating women in Further Education and Training, and encouraging everyone in FET to support women learners to advance their education and employment prospects. 

The Voice Should be Heard - SAOL project Dec 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mKCHWjOi1U