About Regional Skills Fora

The network of 9 Regional Skills Fora will:

Provide a cohesive structure for employers and the further and higher education system to work together in building the skills needs of their Regions.

Help employers better understand and access the full range of services available across the education and training system. 

Enhance links between education and training providers in planning and delivering programmes, reduce duplication and inform national funding decisions.

The work to create the new skills fora is being undertaken in the context of the strong focus on the skills agenda as part of Government policy to support economic recovery and development, job creation and tackling unemployment. This includes the development of a new national Skills Strategy and Enterprise Policy statement to 2025 and the publication of 8 Regional Action Plans for Jobs in 2015. The fora are being established primarily on the basis of the NUTS 111 regional classifications in order to align with wider Government policy and initiatives on regional economic development, including the Regional Action Plans for Jobs and actions providing for the establishment of the Skills fora are being included in each of the regional APJs.

The monitoring and implementation of each Regional Action Plan for Jobs is now been overseen by Regional Implementation Committees, comprising private sector Enterprise Champions from the Region, local authorities, the Enterprise Agencies and other key stakeholders including the Regional Skills Forum Managers.

Regional Skills Forum Managers for the Regional Action Plan for Jobs Implementation Committees:

North West : Oran Doherty - orandoherty@regionalskills.ie  

North East : Michael O'Dowd - Michael_odowd@regionalskills.ie

South West: Siobhan Bradley - siobhanbradley@regionalskills.ie

South East: Edmond Connolly - edmondconnolly@regionalskills.ie

Midlands: John Costello – jcostello@regionalskills.ie

Mid East: Siobhan Keogh - siobhankeogh@regionalskills.ie

Mid West: Joe Leddin- joeleddin@regionalskills.ie

West: Denise Rocks deniserocks@regionalskills.ie

Dublin: Natasha Kinsella - natashakinsella@regionalskills.ie