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EXPLORE Programme


EXPLORE is a Regional Skills initiative developed to help address the issue of Ireland's low level of participation in lifelong learning, particularly targeting persons over 35 years of age in manufacturing employment.

Initiatives objective:

  • Address the lack of digital skills in this cohort
  • Provide a novel approach to overcome barriers to participation in lifelong learning
  • Address the key issue of skills obsolescence which is a significant concern for employers
  • Showcase the benefits of collaboration between local Education and Training Providers and Industry.

EXPLORE is a innovative fully funded flexible initiative, offering an opportunity to boost employee's digital skills, adaptability and productivity.


  • Teaches Digital Skills

  • Explore opportunities for skills enhancement

  • Explore improved health & wellbeing in the workplace

  • Drives Production Efficiencies

  • Backed by Business

Employer and Learner Feedback 

Testimonials from the MidEast Region Program

HR Perspective of the MidEast Region Program

Employee Perspective of EXPLORE

ETB Perspective of EXPLORE

The program was piloted and proved highly successful in 2018, the program ran throughout 2019 and 2020, and will continue to run in all Nine Regional Areas in 2021. 

 Contact your local Regional Skills Forum Manager for full detail.