ENFUSE 2022 Finals 2022

The top student teams from ENFUSE 2022 will compete by pitching on how their allocated enterprise can develop and innovate.

About this event


ENFUSE matches local enterprises and social enterprises with teams of masters level university and college students. During semester 2 (January-May) as part of a module, students work in teams typically of 4-6 members with selected enterprises. The students help provide insights, propose solutions and ultimately present a bespoke and tangible plan that sets out how the enterprise can innovate, address challenges and develop opportunities. Student teams present the plan to the enterprise to implement and to their module lecturer to assess.


  • Support local enterprises by providing bespoke plans to innovate, address challenges and develop opportunities
  • Provide masters students with real-world consultancy and enterprise experience
  • Enhance the local innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem

ENFUSE Finals:

The ENFUSE Finals is a special event where the top student teams from the annual programme compete. This year, 46 enterprises were each matched with a student team from Technological University Dublin (TUD), Dublin City University (DCU) or National College of Ireland (NCI). From the 46 student teams, 12 have been shortlisted as ENFUSE Finalist student teams. The finalist teams will represent their university / college, lecturer and enterprise, and will compete by pitching to industry / expert judges on the plan they produced for their allocated enterprise.

ENFUSE Finalist student teams will compete to win:

  • Titles: 'ENFUSE 2022 - 1st / 2nd / 3rd - Place Student Team'
  • Dublin Place Brand - Goodie Bags
  • LEO Training and Mentoring Supports for their allocated enterprise
  • Dublin Regional Skills Forum - Skills Audit for their allocated enterprise
  • Promotional Opportunities for the team and allocated enterprise

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