Immersive Learning with Virtual Reality by Learonvate TCD

Immersive Learning with VR.


Join Learnovate in The Alex Hotel on Thursday, 30 May for a breakfast event exploring case studies of companies using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) for learning in corporate environments.

Immersive Learning with Virtual Reality. At this event, we use VR training case studies to explore how VR and AR can:
add immersion and gamification to corporate training programmes
provide increased engagement and knowledge retention for learning
implement scenario-based learning in simulated environments
ensure consistency of training across an organisation
develop soft skills including empathy and communication
scale experiential learning
provide new metrics for in-app data collection and reporting
generate return on investment with affordable solutions

Here is a link for registration that provides access to free tickets for your subscribers and visitors

Learnovate's 'Rise & Learn' Event Series
Our 'Rise & Learn' breakfast event series brings you the latest research, insights and trends in learning from the Learnovate Centre in Trinity College Dublin. Funded by Enterprise Ireland, the team at Learnovate are learning practitioners, technology researchers and user-experience experts who help companies with organisational learning and technology-enhanced learning. Our community gathers together learning & development managers, learning designers, educators, entrepreneurs, policymakers and researchers working across corporate learning, schools, higher-education and non-formal learning.

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