Generation Apprenticeship Call for Proposals Now Launched

4 May 2017 

Generation Apprenticeship Call for Proposals Now Launched

The 2017 Call for Apprenticeship Proposals is now launched (04 May) and will close at 17:00 on Friday 01 September.

Online proposal system supporting the 2017 Call for Apprenticeship Proposals is now open, via The online system will remain open for submissions until 17:00 on Thursday 01 September 2017. A video recording (Link here) of a briefing held on 04 May 2017 on the Call for Proposals is also available on the website, along with guidance on making a proposal and developing new apprenticeships.

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Generation Apprenticeship is a major expansion project to more than double the number of learners taking the apprenticeship route. All proposals must be made via an online system through The online system will open before the end of May and a link will be available here. Proposals cannot be accepted after the deadline on 01 September.

Helping more people discover and develop their talents through training is at the heart of the national apprenticeship system.

These two documents provide information and guidance to persons and groups who wish to submit a proposal.

New Handbook   Guidance Document

Developing a National Apprenticeship Handbook
Apprenticeship Proposal Guidance Notes

Information on current apprenticeships and apprenticeships in development

Appendix 2 of the Handbook includes listings of 30 current apprenticeships; 19 apprenticeships in development; and 10 proposals at Step 2 on the apprenticeship critical path. Information on current apprenticeships is available on

In the case of apprenticeships in development, 12 of these have occupational profiles which have been formally approved. These occupational profiles are available here for reference purposes:

These pdf documents will open in a new tab/window      

Contact: Persons and groups with a query on making a proposal or on any aspect of the Call are invited to email