Languages4work - A teaching resource

28 February 2018 

Languages4work A teaching resource

A teaching resource of value to academics and teachers of languages to assist them in delivering employability related activities to students to increase their confidence in the range of job opportunities open to them. It is a useful resource for employers for ideas on how they could offer to contribute to HE curricula. Although the project targets students of HE the themes and activity sheets are applicable at many educational levels.

 Language Programme Language Strategy

This research informed, experiential based teaching resource is a practical response to:

  • employer needs for language graduates with high levels of language fluency and contributing to HE curricula
  • students of languages desire to know how their studies prepare them for the workplace
  • academic needs for evidence based ‘ready to go’ teaching materials to help students apply their languages in the workplace
  • careers professionals needs to collaborate with academic and employer communities to best serve students of languages career readiness for the workplace
  • government’s implementation of the strategy for foreign languages in education 2017-2026 by increasing awareness of the importance of language learning and to enhance employer engagement in the develop and use of trade languages

A summary of the project gives a good overview of the employability module developed for teachers of HE students of languages, it outlines the ten workshops, employer quotes and the aims of the project. Workshop topics range from identifying strengths and skills, the future of work, intercultural awareness as well as CV and interview strategies. The resources include a short introduction for each workshop, learning outcomes, activities, information sheets and suggested assessments.

The project resources are available at languages4work. Sign in and browse the resources. Contact your local university or IT careers service via the Association of HE Careers Services (AHECS) to start the conversation of enhancing our students’ employability!

AHECS was one of nine partners of this European Erasmus+ funded project lead by Dr. Kristin Brogan, ITTralee. Orlaith Tunney, Trinity College Dublin lead the AHECS team and their input into the module. Email: