Logistics Associate Apprenticeship Validated

12 June 2018 

'Logistics Associate' Apprenticeship Validated

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The Logistics Associate Apprenticeship – a Level 6 Higher Certificate in Logistics was recently validated by the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) paving the way for the first intake of apprentices in September 2018. This new industry led apprenticeship programme is a first in the freight, distribution and logistics sector in Ireland and the first non-craft apprenticeship to be offered by DIT School of Management, Aungier Street. 

“The announcement of the new Logistics Associate programme really demonstrates what industry can achieve when working collaboratively,” says Aidan Flynn, General Manager of FTAI. “The consortium of business supporting the programme – which includes FTAI, IIFA, CILT, the Shipbrokers Association and an impressive list of employers – are committed to delivering a meaningful, active programme which will deliver the skilled young people which the Irish logistics industry needs to keep moving. We are all facing the same recruitment challenges and it is heartening that we have all been able to contribute to what will be such an impressive programme that will change the lives of so many young people currently seeking work.” 

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The content of the apprenticeship was approved for development by the Minister for Education Richard Bruton on 8 December 2018 and, thanks to the efforts of all the businesses and industry bodies concerned, the programme has been validated within six months, an unprecedented achievement. The “earn as you learn” apprenticeship and traineeship plan was launched by government in 2016, and offers careers options to school leaves and mature students who refer paid on-the-job training, rather than a full time educational solution.

“The logistics sector is a vital cog in the Irish economy, yet many people are unaware of what jobs are available and what they entail. It is vital that industry is committed to leading the formulation and delivery of this apprenticeship programme from the front to ensure that working in the transport and logistics sector is an appealing and exciting professional opportunity for young people seeking a rewarding and challenging career.

“At a time when pressure is mounting within industry on operational costs and the threat of Brexit, and skills shortage, this story is one where collaboration and commitment can provide pro-active solutions that will help future proof the sector. Of course, this is only the start, but what a start! The logistics associate apprenticeship is supported by employers in the freight forwarding, distribution & logistics and haulage sector and will help these companies become more attractive for young people, as well as helping upskill existing employees."

By 2020 the government plans to have 72 apprenticeship programmes in operation (currently there are 25 with 11 new validated programmes) and 9,000 registrations for apprentices per annum.

The new Apprenticeship will be overseen by the National Apprenticeship Council, while the further education and training authority SOLAS is the lead agency responsible for apprenticeship on behalf of Government, working in close partnership with the Higher Education Authority, Quality and Qualifications Ireland, industry and education and training providers across further and higher education. SOLAS' responsibility includes maintenance of a national register of employers approved to take on apprentices and a national register of apprentices.

Those interested in finding out more about the new apprenticeship standard should contact FTA Ireland at www.ftai.ie or email aflynn@ftai.ie