Remote Work In Ireland Employee Survey

23 October 2019 


Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation. DBEI has launched the Remote Work in Ireland Employee Survey, which will inform an upcoming piece of research on Remote Work in Ireland as outlined in Ambition 4.2 (i) of Future Jobs Ireland 2019, which calls for the following –

 ‘undertake research on the prevalence and types of remote working arrangements within the Irish workforce, and the attitudes towards such working arrangements, as well as the factors which inhibit employers and employees from partaking in these arrangements.’

 To guide this work, an Interdepartmental Steering Group has been formed with representatives across Government departments.  The final report will include desk research, identification of key data sources and one-on-one consultation with key stakeholders to fulfil the ambition above. It will be completed in Q4 2019 and published shortly thereafter.

This2-minute anonymous survey aims to capture the perspectives of employees across sectors of the Irish economy, regardless of whether they work remotely or not. The results of this survey will feed directly into the final report, providing insight to the types, prevalence and attitudes towards Remote Work in Ireland.  This will form a vital element of the upcoming report on Remote Work in Ireland, so if you could please take two minutes to take this survey and to distribute it through your own organisation/network, we’d greatly appreciate it.