SLMRU Dublin Region Profile

26 April 2019 

SLMRU Dublin Regional Profile


The engagement between education and training providers and employers through the Regional Skills Forum needs to be based on the shared understanding of the labour market they are operating in. Both sides represent the key players in relation to the local labour markets, one on the side of the demand for skills (employers) and one on the side of the supply of skills (education and training providers). The availability of labour market information is critical in ensuring that the engagement between the education and training providers and employers results in an evidence-based, well-informed dialogue about the issues regarding the supply and demand for skills and a mutual agreement on how best to resolve issues identified.

The labour market information presented here is aimed at providing a starting point in relation to the evidence upon which the engagement should be based. It contains a selection of tables, charts and info-graphics on each region’s economy, labour market indicators (employment rate, unemployment rate etc.), demand (employment trends, profile of recent hires, vacancies, immigration statistics, estimates of recruitment requirement by broad skill group) and supply (graduate output and unemployment). It also provides an overview of some issues identified through recent analysis of the labour market, including skill shortages and labour turnover.

The data and analysis presented here has been prepared using the data held in the National Skills Database, which collates a wide range of datasets and models on demand and supply of labour at occupational level. This includes data from the Central Statistics Office, Department of Education and Skills, Department of Social Protection, Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and a number of models for labour market analysis developed by the SLMRU, including the Labour Market Transitions Model and Occupational Employment Projections Model.
The information will be updated in line with the availability of updates of the underlying data sets.

Skills and Labour Market Research Unit (SLMRU), SOLAS