Survey on user needs for online EU tools for skills and qualifications

30 May 2017 

Survey on user needs for online EU tools for skills and qualifications

The Commission has developed a survey to better understand end users’ needs for online tools in the field of skills and qualifications. This survey will help shape the future development of existing European tools and services related to education, training and employment.

The survey is targeted at job-seekers, pupils/students, workers, employers, education or training providers and guidance and counselling advisors. The answers will be used to build an understanding of potential functionalities for more user-centric services.

The survey is being promoted by services such as EURES, EURAXESS, the Learning Opportunities and Qualifications in Europe Portal, Europass, the European Youth Portal, ENIC-NARIC and through Commission social media and news services.

The survey is now live (from today 19 May 2017). It will be active for a period of one month until June 18th. It is available in 7 languages and requires about five minutes to complete. You can access the survey via this link.

In order to achieve the most representative view of end users’ needs, we would like to also ask for your support in disseminating the survey through your networks and contacts, portal/website and social networks.

The survey is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Romanian.

We highly appreciate your help in reaching out to our target audience. Please contact me in case you have any questions or would like to receive additional information.

William O'Keeffe Policy Officer European Commission DG EMPLOYMENT, SOCIAL AFFAIRS, and INCLUSION Unit E2Philippe Le Bon, 3 – 6/85B1000 – Bruxelles/Belgium