Dublin Regional Skills to Support You

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Our Partners meet on a quarterly basis to develop plans for each sector in collaboration with key industry bodies which ensures our focus remains on skills and development of the region through collaboration and meaningful engagement.

Our Minister has set out ambitious plans for Education in Ireland within the National Skills Strategy and Action Plan for Education. It is through collaboration between Industry and Education (FE & HE) Dublin Regional Forum can support the achievement of this plan. Listen to the videos for more.

Richard Bruton, Minister for Education and Skills  - (https://media.heanet.ie/page/739b8e803ee40a54ff34b6db163be4f5)

Siobhan Kinsella Chair Dublin Regional Skills - (https://media.heanet.ie/page/9d3948bba407ecebfb8727df0cb62f2c)

Natasha Kinsella Dublin Regional Skills Manager - (https://media.heanet.ie/page/8529285c5ba4fd34bcf31a7003eb27aa)