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Education and training providers, enterprise and state agencies working together!

What can education and training do for business and what can business do for education & training?

The Regional Skills Forum is the avenue to share your business and skills need. The one stop shop that will understand your need and direct you to a solution to close your skills gap.Business can ensure output of talented graduates and trainees to sustain business growth by communication and active engagement with education and training.

The Regional Skills Forum can support development of future employees, current employees and business growth through development of training programmes, funding, research, work placement, use of facilities and equipment, work place projects, entrepreneurship, and many more services. Employers can have a direct influence on training programmes developed and education & training supports required to sustain business long term.

Future EmployeesDevelopment Current EmployeesBusiness Development
Curriculum DevelopmentRecruitmentConsultancy
Course Review BoardsCustomised Course DevelopmentUse of equipment & facilities
Guest LecturesContinuing Professional DevelopmentExploitation of research outcomes
Site VisitsRecognition of Prior LearningLicencing & patents
WorkplacementWork based LearningIncubation centres
Work Based ProjectsShort contract research
Available TalentFunding Opportunities
Employability & Entrepreneurship