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Harnessing Digital: The Digital Ireland Framework

3 February 2022 

Harnessing Digital
The Digital Ireland Framework

Ireland and the world are at an important industrial, economic and societal turning point due to a number of transformational challenges, led by the twin digital and decarbonisation transitions. Digital technologies are becoming more embedded in daily life, accelerated in particular by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has demonstrated the power of digital technologies in helping us to respond to seismic challenges. Ireland will harness the power of digital to tackle the big challenges we face in the coming years – achieving our climate change goals, driving balance and inclusivity, and enhancing productivity. Ireland is coming from a strong overall position, currently ranked the 5th most advanced digital economy in the EU. We are well connected globally, enjoy the presence of many of the leading technology companies and play an important role in digital regulation across Europe. However, like others, we face challenges as well as opportunities in the next phase of digital transformation.

This Strategy is a high-level framework to support Ireland’s ambition to be a digital leader. It sets out a pathway to drive and enable the digital transition across the economy and society, to maximise the well-being of our citizens, the efficiency of public services, as well as the productivity, competitiveness, innovation and sustainability of our economy.