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2020 Year in Review Mid-West Regional Skills Forum

2 February 2021 

Engaging with enterprise and linking them with educational & training providers based on skills needs identified is the primary role of the regional skills forum. Despite the challenges presented during 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic the forum engaged directly with 147 new companies to advise and assist with upskilling employees.

The report outlines the various industry sectors that engagement took place with throughout the region and includes details on the Mid-West Response Group that collaborated together to help Hospitality and Retail employees upskill or reskill for new careers.

The range of industry sector employees who received digital skills training under the Government funded Explore programme is included along with details on a new Green Skills training course called DigiEco which was piloted with six manufacturing companies in Tipperary in quarter four.

The summary report can be read in full here Mid-West Regional Skills 2020 Report Overview.pdf (size 845 KB)