Building Your Talent Pipeline September 7th

14 August 2017 

Building Your Talent Pipeline

Apprenticeship Work Based Learning

Job roles and the nature of work is continuously changing. Globalisation, the arrival of the 4th Industrial Revolution in the form of Industry 4.0, technological megatrends and Labour market changes are forcing employers and employees to re-evaluate the skills required to ensure continued economic productivity and job security.

To illustrate the speed of our changing workplace an OECD 2017 report on workforce reskilling finds that 35% of the skills demanded for jobs across industry sectors will change by 2020.

In an effort to meet the skills needs of industry and reduce the skills mismatch greater collaboration and engagement between education providers and employers is required. With full employment on the horizon attracting and subsequently retaining skilled talent is of paramount importance to employers.

Apprenticeships now offer companies across industry sectors from ICT, Financial & Professional Services, Manufacturing, Tourism & Hospitality opportunities to engage and shape the training and up-skilling of employees. To register for this event click here