Career Relocation Survey Confirms Mid-West Attractiveness

9 July 2017 

Mid-West Offers Promising Careers and High Quality of Life

The Mid-West Relocation Survey which was undertaken by Collins McNicholas Recruitment and HR firm has reaffirmed the attractiveness of the Mid-West Region in terms of career opportunities and a better quality of life. Of those now living and working in the region over 93% stated they were satisfied with their move while 42% stated that they had no previous connection with the Mid-West Region.

More research is now emerging that is highlighting the importance that employees now place on quality of life rather than salary alone when choosing where to live and work. With promising career opportunities across several sectors such as Aviation, Financial Services, ICT and Bio Pharma matched with affordable housing and less traffic congestion highly skilled workers are relocating to the Mid-West Region. The report findings which also include personnel employee testimonials is available to read by clicking  here