Employer Apprenticeship Briefing

14 May 2018 

Financial Services, ICT & Hospitality Apprenticeship Programmes

A key objective of Ireland's National Skills Strategy 2025 is to double the number of apprenticeship programmes across industry sectors and increase overall apprenticeship and traineeship places to 50,000 by 2020. New apprenticeship programmes are now being launched following extensive industry participation to deliver new skills required to enable companies remain innovative and competitive.

Generation Apprenticeship reflects the rapidly changing landscape as new programmes are introduced in areas such as Financial Services, Hospitality and ICT. This briefing provides employers and talent acquisition managers with an opportunity to hear from speakers currently overseeing the rollout of these new apprenticeships.

In a tightening labour market employers are now seeking out new channels to build successful talent teams with the necessary skills to meet their specific requirements. Pre registration is available by clicking here 

Building Your Talent Pipeline