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Expert Group on Future Skills Activity Statement 2019

15 July 2020 

The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs (EGFSN) is an independent, non-statutory body comprising representatives from business, the education and training sector, the enterprise development sector, the trade unions and government departments.

The refreshing of the framework for skills identification in Ireland clarified the role of the EGFSN as a key research and analysis body to inform the National Skills Council (NSC) on the prioritisation of skills development. Considering the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, it will be even more important that the EGFSN’s research is robustly future-proofed.

Future skills forecasting will have to consider not just technological and climate changes but also the impact on future pandemics and how best to respond to these challenges in an agile and appropriate manner. The EGFSN statement can be read in full by clicking  here