Five Step Guide to Traineeship

14 April 2018 

Employers Build Your Talent Team With Career Traineeship Model

Currently there are approximately 1,500 employers and over 30,000 trainees engaged in upskilling programmes across various industry sectors using the career traineeship model. Similar to the apprenticeship offering new industry sectors include ICT, Hospitality, Retail, Business, Freight and Logistics.

Unlike the apprenticeship model employers do not have to employ the trainee during the course of their training and the length or duration of training programmes can range from 6 to 20 months. All courses are fully accredited from Levels 4 - 6 on the National Framework Qualification standards.  

Career Traineeship programmes are industry led and designed in partnership with Educational Training Boards (ETBs) to meet employer skill needs. Further information on the expanding career traineeship model is available by clicking

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