Irish National Employer Survey

23 January 2019 

The National Employer Survey is a joint project undertaken on behalf of the Department of Education and Skills by the Higher Education Authority, Quality and Qualifications Ireland and SOLAS. It aims to ascertain employers’ views on the overall quality of recent further education and higher education graduates, any barriers to graduate recruitment, and collaboration between business and educational institutions.

Overall satisfaction with higher education graduates was 86%. For further education and training graduates overall satisfaction was 84%. The survey results indicate that satisfaction with the computer and technology literacy of graduates is very high (88% for Higher Education, 83% for Further Education and Training). Other strong results were recorded for working effectively with other (87% Higher Education, 89% Further Education and Training) and effective verbal communication (85% for both cohorts).

The survey was conducted by way of a CATI telephone survey, amongst a representative sample of enterprises/businesses, using a pre-agreed questionnaire designed for the project by the HEA, SOLAS and the Department of Education and Skills. Fieldwork for the survey was conducted by Behaviours and Attitudes for Fitzpatrick Associates in June and July 2018.  760 organisations completed the survey.

The results of the survey are of particular relevance in a week where we have seen a number of significant new job announcements.  The demand for highly skilled graduates continues, but comments from Sheryl Sandberg this week that “Ireland is one of the best places in the world to hire amazing talent –, your education system is so strong'' reflect the ongoing work in responding to industry skill needs through the Regional Skills Fora.

The report can be read in full by clicking here