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Report on Remote Working

18 May 2020 

Ireland's First National Survey on Remote Working The national survey was conducted between 27th April and 5th May 2020 using the online
Qualtrics survey platform. The survey was designed by the research team at NUI Galway and the Western Development Commission

This report presents the headline findings from a national online survey of remote working in Ireland during COVID-19. The majority (87%) of respondents report they have the equipment they need to work from home. However, the provision of better ergonomic equipment is one of the key changes suggested by employees to help with their well-being and productivity. Many also report the need for more suitable workspace within their home. 

The COVID-19 crisis catapulted hundreds of thousands of employees and their employers into a work pattern and routine vastly different to their normal daily work experience. This radical change happened suddenly and for the vast majority the change effectively occurred overnight.

The full report can be read in full here Remote Working Post Covid Report.pdf (size 885.3 KB)