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Retail Employer Upskilling Webinar April 29th 9am

9 April 2021 

One of the greatest challenges facing all sectors of the economy including retail is the acquisition and development of talent. Retail is becoming an increasingly knowledge-intensive industry and the skills and competencies required to succeed in the sector are evolving. The need to focus on skills for the retail sector is being driven by several factors with technology and changing consumer behaviour amongst the most notable.

Retailers want to create workspaces where knowledge, ideas, opinions, and skills are shared across their organisation.They want to break down the traditional barriers associated with roles and responsibilities and create a more collaborative,transparent, knowledge sharing, and supportive work environment.

This employer information webinar will provide an overview on the Retail Apprenticeship programme delivered by Ibec which is fully funded by Government and currently delivered online therefore reducing the disruption for employees looking to participate and achieve a level 6 qualification and an option to progress onto the Level 7 degree programme.

Local education and training providers will also provide an overview on applicable courses that may help in upskilling your employees and ensuring talent retention in a competitive labour market for skills. The Retail Apprenticeship programme can be accessed here Retail Apprenticeship Programme.pdf (size 2.2 MB)