SOLAS Vacancy Overview 2018

23 July 2019 

The Vacancy Overview series, produced annually by the Skills and Labour Market Research Unit
(SLMRU) in SOLAS on behalf of the National Skills Council, aims to utilise available vacancy data
sources to provide qualitative information on the job titles (and associated skills) in which
vacancies are occurring most frequently.

The analysis of where recent job hires have been occurring (i.e. those who commenced
employment in the previous three months) assists in highlighting if churn is a significant factor in
the occurrence of vacancies in particular sectors.

Employment permits provide an indication of where employers are having difficulty in sourcing
suitably qualified personnel from the Irish or EU labour market. Where relevant, information on the
type of permits, the salary bands and the regions in Ireland where employment permits are issued
is provided.

The report can be read in full by clicking here