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Upskilling Key to Changing Employment Market

26 April 2020 

NESC Report Employment Vulnerabilities from Climate Change and Digitilisation

Countries across the globe are grappling with the shifts and challenges of climate change and environmental degradation and other transformative megatrends, such as urbanisation, population growth and globalisation.

The transition to a low-carbon and digital Ireland must be just: lifelong learning, training and education, effective support for viable but vulnerable companies, and ensuring that funding has the greatest possible local impact must be the priority for government as part of making sure it is. This report highlights ways in which the work of the State, its key government departments and agencies in collaboration with firms can support workers earlier and with more impact on preparing them for change.

Upskilling and reskilling workers while still in employment albeit for different and alternative careers with the support of current employers is an important aspect of minimising displacement and higher unemployment. Innovative programmes designed by the Regional Skills managers such as the 'Explore' digital skills training for older employees has demonstrated significant positive outcomes for both learners and their respective employers with increased productivity and employee satisfaction. 

The report which acknowledges the role of the Regional Skills Fora in terms of completing company skills audits to determine employee skills knowledge can be read in full be clicking here