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M1 Skillnet - Management Development Programmes

As you know M1 Skillnet is a multi-sector learning network which provides subsidised Management Development Programmes and short courses to local businesses across the region.


All their training programmes are supported by member companies and funded through the National Training Fund and Skillnet Ireland.


Their objective is to support the advancement of their member companies’ business performance by identifying and addressing their technical and non-technical skills needs.


They are committed to supporting regional growth and workforce development through the provision of quality, industry-led training.


Making it easier for businesses to identify their opportunity, the Training is now organized into the following “Learning tracks”:


  • v Business Management - targeted towards the Business Managers and leaders where the focus is on developing skills that encompass business development & growth, management development and other leadership focused topics.


  • v Business Operations - targeted to deliver skills, knowledge and awareness in areas that can have an impact on the business or staff performance.


  • v Business Messaging - targeted towards developing and delivering a comprehensive business-related messaging.


  • v Career Skills - targeted to deliver skills and knowledge in the areas that are considered operational skills and learning. There is a sub track Career Skills (IT) that focus on the digital and systems skills and knowledge.


  • v Digital Marketing - targeted towards the marketing of businesses in the digital ecosystem.


  • v Content Creator - targeted towards creators of content, and those that want to create content for their business.

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If you are interested in any of these courses, please contact US