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Harnessing Digital – The Digital Ireland Framework

9 February 2022 

The government have launched a new national digital strategy, Harnessing Digital – The Digital Ireland Framework, to drive and enable the digital transition across the Irish economy and society.

This high-level framework sets out a pathway to support Ireland’s ambition to be a digital leader at the heart of European and global digital developments; and places a strong emphasis on inclusiveness, security and safety, underpinned by strong governance and a well-resourced regulatory framework.

The Digital Ireland Framework will help to support and maximise the well-being of Irish people and their businesses, the length and breadth of the country. More and more businesses are realising the benefits of going Digital including:

  • more efficient and accessible public services for all
  • more flexible and remote working
  • new job opportunities
  • new markets and customers for businesses

The Tánaiste highlighted the importance of digitalisation for SMEs and the wider benefits for citizens;

“More and more, digital will be part of the fabric of our everyday lives and the government wants to make sure that everyone is prepared for this. The experience of the pandemic has shown how rapid the pace of change has been. Digital technologies helped us to implement the vaccine programme as well as carry out contact tracing. For many Irish businesses, online shopping and using social media to reach new customers kept them afloat during lockdowns.  This Strategy is about taking advantage of new technologies for the benefit of all citizens and businesses.”

You can read a comprehensive overview of the new digital strategy here