IT Sligo in conjunction with RSF Launch Employer Portal

2 December 2016 

IT Sligo in conjunction with RSF Launch Employer Portal

A new online resource, designed to help employers in the North West of Ireland connect more easily with the education and training services available in the region, was launched at Institute of Technology, Sligo last Friday. The new Employer Services Page is a collaboration with the North West Regional Skills Forum. The new online portal provides clear and accessible information for employers on a range of services which are being offered by IT Sligo.

These include: bespoke work based learning programmes, student work placements, research collaborations and key information on apprenticeships.

“Understanding the different types of providers, courses and services available across the further and higher education and training sectors can be challenging for employers,” says Oran Doherty, who is the North West Regional Skills Forum manager.

The North West Regional Skills Forum was established in 2015 as part of the Government’s National Skills Strategy. It provides an opportunity for employers and the education and training system to work together to meet the emerging skills needs of their regions. It aims to be a single contact point for the region’s employers, to help them connect with the range of services and supports available across the education and training system. The Forum also provides a structure for employers to become more involved in promoting employment roles and opportunities for career progression in their sectors

Welcoming the new online initiative, Dr Brendan McCormack, President of IT Sligo said: “It is my strong belief that this education/industry collaboration provides some of the key enabling mechanisms to unlocking the true potential of the North West Region. “We have an opportunity to build a vibrant economy here – and we must take advantage of that opportunity. Ensuring that the region’s employers have all the education and training tools at their disposal is one of the steps towards achieving that goal.”

The new Employer Services Portal is available to view at or see for more information on the North West Regional Skills Forum.