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Monitoring Ireland’s Skills Supply 2022

15 December 2022 


Monitoring Ireland’s Skills Supply 2022, is the 16th in a series of annual reports produced by the SLMRU aimed at monitoring the potential supply of skills to the labour market from Ireland’s education and training system. The report presents an overview of how Ireland’s education & training system can contribute to meeting the skills needs of the economy.

The share of FET qualification holders in Quarter 2 2022 was highest in the skilled trades occupations (e.g. carpenters), followed by caring & personal services occupations ( assistant, hairdresser), a reflection of the level 5 & level 6 entry requirement typically associated with these occupations.  

In Quarter 2, 2022, 82% of the 408,400 recent graduates were in the labour force representing 334,400 persons. This is slightly higher than the 79% figure recorded for Quarter 2 2021. At least one quarter of FET graduates progressed to higher education in the year directly following FET programme completion.

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