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OECD Skills Strategy Ireland - New Project Announced

26 November 2021 


This project will review the National Skills Strategy, 2016 to 2025 and sets out to examine how Ireland is equipped to meet current and future skills needs.  

According to Minister Harris, 'the project being launched today will greatly assist the Department in its examination of our Skills Strategy - in order to ensure that we have a solid foundation on which to build Ireland’s competitiveness and support future economic and social sustainability'. 

Ireland has a longstanding partnership with the OECD.  The OECD will work with the Government of Ireland and Irish Stakeholders on this project. The project will also work closely with our skills architecture, the National Skills Council and Regional Skills Fora.

Secretary Cormann recognises that Ireland is being transformed by megatrends such as automation, digitalisation, and climate change, as well as by the COVID-19 pandemic.  He states, 'it is therefore essential that Ireland is ready to confront these challenges and seize the opportunities of the future by ensuring it has the right skills and uses these skills fully and effectively'.

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