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Partnership for Skills - Border Region

8 February 2022 


The Skills and Labour Market Research Unit (SLMRU) in SOLAS conduct regular research which analyses employer requirements and informs programme development. SOLAS commissions regular skills and sector research, evaluative reporting and strategic planning for the future.

Included in this research and subsequent publication is the Partnership for Skills Report which the SLMRU provides for the entire Regional Skills Fora network.  

The Partnership for Skills Report (Border Region) encompasses the counties of Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan and focuses on employment in this region which was examined from Quarter 3 2019 to Quarter 3 2021.

Industry was the largest employer with 27.200 people employed in this sector in Quarter 3 2021.  Health & Social Work saw 25,100 people employed in this sector in the same quarter.

The Border Region experienced an increase in employment over the 2 year period particularly in relation to the education, transport & professional activities sectors.  A 12% increase in this region was the greatest percentage  increase when compared to all other regions in that same time period.

20,209 enterprises were active in the Border Region in 2019 with Donegal accounting for the highest share at 39%.  At 62%, Participation was one of the lowest across all regions.

Other information included in the report for the Border Region are key labour market trends, selected employers in the region and companies with recent job announcements.  

Click on the image below to access the latest trends in the border region