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Shifting Sands - Irish Labour Market Report

10 May 2022 

This new report commissioned by SOLAS and led by the Skills and Labour Market Research Unit, in collaboration with Emsi Burning Glass, sets out key areas of focus to help us shape the current and future skills requirements to respond to what is now a different landscape in Ireland.

It presents an analysis of the current state of the Irish Labour Market, and in particular an assessment of job displacement and the jobs and skills that can help displaced workers regain employment in Ireland. It gives insight for those requiring re-employment and identifies top job opportunities for the communities facing the most displacement, whether due to the pandemic or other factors.

A key part of what the report offers is an insight to policymakers and workers looking to understand the effect of COVID-19 on the Irish Labour Market and highlights opportunity for reskilling and upskilling to help get displaced workers in-demand jobs.

Top growing occupations were identified in areas including transport, sales, healthcare, industry and hospitality. Common skills across these growing occupations include customer service, budgeting, project management and data-related skills.

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