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SLMRU Summer Skills Bulletin

20 September 2022 


The publication examines the changing landscape of female employment since the onset of COVID-19, specifically between Quarter 4 2019 to Quarter 4 2021.

Despite a significant decline in employment with the onset of the pandemic in 2020, female employment grew by 93,000 in the two-year period from quarter 4 2019 and quarter 4 2021.  The significant increase in female employment and the growth in the labour force participation rate for females is encouraging, particularly in light of how COVID-19 has disrupted the economy in recent years.

Those with third-level qualifications accounted for almost all gains in female employment, with the largest share of employment growth for high skilled roles. In order to ensure that this growth in employment for females is sustained, it will be imperative to ensure all females, including those with lower levels of educational attainment, have the key skills (including digital skills) to continue to access opportunities in the labour market.

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