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SLMRU Autumn Winter Skills Bulletin

16 December 2022 


The report states that despite numerous challenges currently facing the economy, finding candidates to fill demand in certain roles remains a significant challenge. This presents an opportune time to examine cohorts of the adult population, both within & outside the traditional labour force, that may be available to respond to this high labour demand.

The Bulletin examines three cohorts that may fulfil this role & describes their socio-demographic, educational and employment characteristics. The three cohorts of interest are part-time workers who have indicated that they are seeking additional hours of employment (classified as underemployed), unemployed persons & those who, although outside the active labour market, are closely aligned to it by virtue of having self-reported as either seeking work or being available for work (but not both).

The analysis also points to a significant need for education & training interventions for a large share of those in the labour market slack cohort if they are to meet the needs of the labour market.  Click the image above to read the full bulletin.