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Getting Businesses Brexit Ready

20 October 2020 

The Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation has produced the Brexit Readiness Checklist which lists the steps businesses can take now to get ready for the changes Brexit will bring from 1 January 2021.

How will Brexit affect my business?

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Brexit could affect your business in a number of different ways. Under EU law, businesses have different responsibilities depending on where they are situated in the supply chain, (for example, manufacturer, importer, wholesaler distributor, etc.), so you need to anticipate how Brexit will impact your business.

A first step for small businesses is to contact one of the 31 Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) across the country.

The LEOs can help you navigate your Brexit journey and signpost you to useful Government supports available to help you get your business Brexit ready.

There are many supports available through the LEOs, Enterprise Ireland, InterTradeIreland and Skillnet Ireland, to help businesses examine their Brexit exposure, seek advice, avail of customs training and make plans to protect their business.

More supports to get your business Brexit Ready