Our Region

The South East has a population base of 511,070 across five counties (including South Tipperary), three Higher Education institutions, three Education and Training Boards  education institutions, three significant sea ports and a regional airport. The region is well connected by motorway to Dublin and elsewhere and has accordingly recently adopted the slogan 'closer than you think'.

The economic structure of the region continues to strengthen as it adapts to advances in new technologies and increasing skills and innovation levels. Tourism, agri-food, manufacturing and business services continue to grow alongside newer emerging sectors such as ICT, pharma and medical devices.

There are more than 60 IDA Ireland supported firms in the region, employing 12,445 people and 20,717 employed in over 570 EI supported businesses across the five counties. In addition, there are 1,067 firms supported by Local Enterprise Offices in the region, employing 6,268 and employment increased by 18% in 2014.

The population of the South East region grew by 2.7% between 2011 and 2016 (CSO) and is projected to continue to grow at a steady rate in line with demographic trends.

The South East Regional Skills Forum will ensure closers collaboration between employers and the education system in identifying and meeting the skills needs of the regional and promoting the range of roles and career opportunities and development pathways available in the region.