Who We Are/What We Do

Establishing links and building relationships with individual employers can pose a challenge for ETBs and higher education institutions. The South East Regional Skills Forum addresses this challenge head on through the establishment of a network of regional skills structures. It provides:

  •  A cohesive education-led structure for employers and the FET and HE systems to work together in building the skills needs of their regions.
  •  Better understanding and access for employers of the full range of services available across the education and training system.
  •  Enhanced links between education and training providers in planning and delivering programmes, providing for learner progression and informing national funding decisions.
  •  The opportunity to involve enterprise stakeholders in a collaborative framework with education and training partners in the identification, development and delivery of skills development  responses

The South East Regional Skills Forum provides a framework to support and facilitate the implementation of actions by individual ETBs or HEIs to enhance links with enterprise and prepare learners for the different roles they will have over their working lives.