The Regional Skills Forum is a Department of Further & Higher Education initiative bringing employers and education and training providers together to collaboratively develop skills across the South-West region.  We work with companies on a 1-1 & group basis to:

  • support companies in identifying their key skills & upskilling needs

  • signpost companies to existing upskilling/training supports to address key in-house company needs & advise on funding supports for training/upskilling
  • facilitate introductions to education/training contacts across UCC, MTU, Cork/Kerry ETBs & Skillnets for any required follow-on supports

  • work with groups of peer companies & regional education/training providers to co-develop new skills/upskilling programmes addressing industry reported skills gaps

Our Work at a Glance:

Supported 250+ MNC & SMEs from multiple industry sectors across rural & urban areas in accessing skills development supports.

Established industry-led sectoral groups in manufacturing/engineering, pharma/biopharma, ICT, hospitality, construction and food & drinks who collaboratively identify and build solutions to industry sectoral gaps with our region’s education/training providers.

Developed & delivered 15+ new further & higher education part-time programmes to build the skills capabilities companies need.

Strengthened industry relevant learning by integrating industry insights workshops & webinars into our new skills programmes solutions, thanks to our industry partners.

A sample of areas where we have developed new industry solutions included: Industry 4.0; CNC; Validation; Data Analytics; Process Safety; BIM; Digital Skills for Operators; Dev Ops; AI; Restaurant and Bar Skills, Supervisory Management, Leadership & many more. 

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Regional Skills South-West are here to support companies address their skills needs. See how we have supported other businesses upskill their staff to advance and progress through the workplace

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