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SW ICT Regional Skills Work

Since our inaugural South-West ICT Regional Skills round-table in 2019, our South-West higher education institutions have been working on a range of new programmes to address key skills needs identified by ICT employers. 

New programmes commencing from autumn 2020 that specifically target the round-table key priority areas include Springboard + upskilling programmes in Dev Ops (Level 8, 10 Credits) & Software Testing (Level 6, 10 Credits) with MTU Tralee & new 90% funded higher diploma/postgraduate  programmes in: Cloud Infrastructure (Level 9, MTU Tralee); Cyber Security Management (MTU Cork, Level 9); & Global Software Sales, Support & Localisation (Level 8, UCC).  View website for further details


S. Ryan, Aspen Grove, B. Savage, Dell EMC, D. Mc Carthy, Fexco & SWRSF Chair at our 2019 ICT Skills Requirements Planning Round-Table


Initial solutions to needs identified at our Q1 2019 Round-Table.  Online delivery of 90% funded upskilling Dev Ops; AI & Lean UX programmes commenced 2019/2020 academic year. 

The first round of new upskilling programme solutions in AI, Dev Ops, and Lean UX, developed by MTU Tralee, successfully secured 90% Springboard funding with online delivery commencing in 2019/2020.  

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