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Apprenticeship Action Plan Survey

he Action Plan for Apprenticeship, building on the work already done and lessons learned, will set out a clear and ambitious road map for apprenticeship for the next 5 years. This will be the path to more fully realising the vision of apprenticeship providing real and substantive career pathways for first time learners and for people looking to reskill, where the earn and learn model provides an income while building a solid foundation for career progression.

We need to know why, despite the successes of recent years, more learners and employers are not engaging with the system. We need your ideas on how to make apprenticeship more attractive and more accessible to women and people with disabilities. We need to know your views on the substantial changes that have taken place in apprenticeship and on how we can build a strong model for the future.

The short six question survey will help in preparing a South-West regional submission to inform future policy on the new five year Apprenticeship Action Plan.  Click here to complete: