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New Groups in Focus

 New Food & Drinks Group: Sustainability in Focus
The Forum initiated its skills needs & solutions planning work with the Food & Drinks Sectors this quarter. Chaired by Jason Hawkins, Carbery Group, our May kick-off meeting, focused on sustainability and included experts from leading dairy, meat, retail & drinks companies who discussed goals, challenges and skills capabilities required to support companies in meeting sustainability goals and transitioning to a holistic sustainability culture. Further work is underway and updates will follow.

Sales & Customer Relationship Management
In response to increasing demand for sales and CRM skills, the Forum held a skills needs scoping round-table with South-West companies & colleges to identify best solutions to build required capabilities & is delighted to announce a 90% funded Sales Strategies & Techniques programme (MTU Cork, Level 8) will commence this autumn. Click here for more details.  

To get involved in our Food & Drinks or  Sales Skills work email or click here