SW ICT Regional Skills Inaugural Round Table

 In January 2019, the South-West Regional Skills Forum hosted its inaugural ICT round-table with 20+ SMEs and MNC from across the region and Computer Science/BIS School and Department Heads from UCC, CIT, IT Tralee, Cork/Kerry ETBs and Skillnets. The round-table, chaired by Denis Mc Carthy, CEO, FEXCO & subsequent deep-dive skills needs audits completed by companies, highlighted key pipeline & upskilling needs clustering around 8 skills categories: software validation/quality; technical sales; fin-tech; dev ops; general programming/software devt/architecture; cyber security; data analytics; & AI.

Solutions planning has now commenced with the SW colleges to address the top upskilling needs identified by companies, with IT Tralee developing and securing 90% Springboard+ funding for four new, focused, online, part-time programmes 

Cert in Artificial Intelligence [Level 8, 10 Credits, Online Delivery]

Cert in Development Operations [Level 8, 10 Credits, Online Delivery]

Cert in Lean UX Design [Level 9, 10 Credits, Online Delivery] 

Cert in Applied Computing [Level 8, 20 Credits, Online Delivery]

All programmes commence in January 2020, and interested applicants can apply through www.spingboardcourses.ie.

Next steps work is also underway in developing further solutions to upskilling needs identified in general programming/software development/architecture & cyber security. To keep informed of our ICT work or to discuss skills needs specific to your company please click here