Expression of Interest in 2nd Year Summer Work Placements for STEM Students

Skills Earlier in Manufacturing & engineering companies across the South-West stress the importance of introducing work placement experience into higher education programmes as soon as possible to embed applied learning skills into higher education skills development. Companies also unite on 9 – 12 months as the ideal minimum for work placement experience to ensure sufficient applied learning/practical skills as part of manufacturing/engineering degree programmes.

To achieve this goal companies are invited to sign up to a South-West 2nd year summer work placement scheme which will target second year STEM degree students across UCC, CIT and IT Tralee. Careers offices in UCC, CIT and IT Tralee will engage in outreach and promotional campaigns to encourage uptake of these placements by STEM students who are committed to advancing their applied engineering skills prior to compulsory 3rd year work placements/internship.

Please Complete Expression of Interest Form for Your Company to Take a Second Year STEM Student on Summer Work Placement.

Please submit the completed Expression of Interest Form By: COB 23rd February 2018

Recommended Timeline for Appointment of 2nd Year Work Placement Students by Industry:

To ensure optimum applications, the South-West Higher Education Institutes recommend the following:

  • Closing Date for Receipt of Applications:
  • Closing Date for Interviews:
  • Official Work Placement Offers to Students:
  • Summer-Term [Colleges Official closed from] ….