Our Manufacturing & Engineering Sectoral Work

Since its inaugural round-table meeting in December 2016, the South-West Manufacturing & Engineering Group has continued to expand in size, scale and impact.  


2018  Action Group Chairs, P. Buckley, EPS; B. O'Gorman, Boston Scientific, D. Quaid, Styrker


2019 Action Group Chairs: C. Walsh, De Puy; R. O'Mahony, Janssen; B. O'Gorman, Boston Scientific, P. Buckley, EPS Group


2020 Round-Table Session in Action: Chairs update on progress to date & companies plan next step priorities

Our Aim: Develop the Best Quality Manufacturing & Engineering Talent by Working Together

  • Since its inaugural meeting, companies have successfully progressed vital actions with several outputs already delivered and further under way including:
  • sectoral skills needs audits across manufacturing/engineering companies in the SW;
  • course promotions campaigns aligned to top upskilling needs – click here to see 2019/2020 courses relevant to the sector. 
  • new programmes where gaps existed including a supervisory management with lean, CNC traineeships, Industry 4.0BIM, Validation & Leadership Development
  • Augmentations to existing programmes including a targeted industry/education review of engineering degree programme modules.