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BiaInnovator Food & Drink Skills Subcommitte

"Co-located with Teagasc, Mellows Campus in Athenry,  Co. Galway,  BIA Innovator Campus immediately connects into and benefits from an environment with a long and proud tradition of innovation, agriculture, rural development and rural sustainability which will further enhance the success and the job creation potential of BIA"

"BIA Innovator Campus which is co-located at Teagasc, Athenry, will be the base for 40+ food companies creating 360 jobs and hundreds of trainee places. "

BIA Innovator Campus CLG

BIA Innovator Campus CLG was formed in 2017 and is based at Mellows, Athenry, Co. Galway. The company’s mission is to stimulate regional regeneration by enhancing the strength, standards and well-being of Galway’s and the Western region’s agri-food sector and showcase produce for local, national and international markets.

Key Responsibilities of the BiaInnovator  Education & Learning Sub-Committee

• Develop Educational Courses and Workshops appropriate to servicing industry needs that can be hosted or co-hosted at Bia Innovator Campus CLG. We would like to ensure that courses at all levels are available from farm to fork to respond to industry needs and to increase the future talent funnel for the sector in the West of Ireland.
Examples might include: Agriculture / Supply Chain / Commercial / Marketing / Branding / Production & Manufacturing / Food Science & Technology / Quality Assurance / Leadership & Entrepreneurship / Culinary / Hospitality.
• Set out opportunities to develop in the short term, a formal educational programme for industry for the year.
• Establish links with relevant educational and professional bodies, post - secondary educational institutions in order to deliver high quality, professional educational activities and courses. Make recommendations regarding joint educational ventures relevant to the audience of Bia Innovator Campus CLG with the aim of maximizing the educational value of Bia Eolas.
• Liaise with the Finance and Funding Sub-committee to ensure that the Education & Learning Programme plays a central role in enabling business sustainability for Bia Innovator Campus CLG. All impacts to the overall programme are regularly briefed between committees to be considered in budgeting, cashflow management and
• Advise the board on the management of the teaching activities, supports and infrastructure of the campus, particularly in remote and online learning that has come
to the fore. Liaise with the IT & AV Sub-committee to ensure that the delivery of programmes on campus and remotely are seamless and that the planned infrastructure for the campus is appropriate and to be considered in budgeting, cashflow management and forecasts.
• Create and review annually; metrics on the performance of the campus in life-long learning and widening participation.
• Review on behalf of the Board any issues regarded by the Sub-Committee or the Board as critical to the well-being of the organisation.
• Seek any external professional advice, with prior notification to the Chairperson, that the Sub-Committee deems necessary to carry out its function.
• Report regularly to the Board on all other matters arising from its deliberations.