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Friday 29 May @ 11am. 

Digital tools to help manufacturers showcase their products, connect with customers and increase sales.

The webinar revealed different online tools to be used during lockdown (and later) to engage with your customers and help you get more sales.  Topics included setting up a virtual showroom, the importance of creating digital content, the value of building online brand presence, as well as the benefits of utilizing 3D modelling and 3D renderings. Examples of costs and how to set up some of those services.

See link to presentation given by Boyan Grigorov here

For more information on Boyan see here

Youtube link to webinar


Webinar Opportunity & Challenges for the Circular Economy for Manufacturing in Ireland

 Friday 15 May at 1pm

  • What is the Circular Economy.
  • What is the importance of the circular economy for manufacturing in Ireland.
  • Learn how your business can best prepare for a transition to a circular economy.
  • Discover funding and training opportunities.

Hosted by Elaine Butler.  For more information on Elaine.  

 See Presentation Notes here