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€5.8 million in funding for Community Education

4 January 2021 

€5.8m has been granted for community education under the Mitigating against Educational Disadvantage Fund

29 December 2020


 The Fund was secured as part of Budget 2021 to support community education for adult learners,

The fund has a strong focus on building the digital infrastructure of community education providers, including providing devices and software, and increasing their capacity to deliver online learning.

The emphasises:

  • Community Education as a mechanism to continue to support and engage with disadvantaged learners
  • Reaching out, encouraging and supporting learners to re-engage with education and training
  • Attracting new learners to engage with education and training opportunities
  • Enabling investment in building the digital infrastructure of providers, and their capability to ensure that online learning can be delivered in a way that meets the complex needs of all learners


SOLAS invited applications from local Community Education providers through their local Education and Training Boards.


Categories eligible for funding included:

 Digital Technologies to supply devices, software and systems, or CPD training, to facilitate high quality learning and delivery

Learner Assistance Fund to help, where appropriate, with costs associated with course participation, such as books and class materials

Outreach, Engagement and Mentoring Fund to assist with costs associated with activities such as awareness raising, and services to promote re-engagement

COVID-19 Exceptional Circumstances Fund for Community Education to address educationally disadvantaged learners.