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Are you seeking to upskill or retrain?

18 January 2021 

Minister Harris launches new support and a one-stop shop for people seeking to upskill or retrain.


Check out the a new online portal for people seeking to upskill or re-train.

The online portal – - is a one stop shop for businesses, employees or unemployed persons and outlines the third level options available to them.

This can be a short part-time course, a course for an individual in employment or an option to return to third level.

“This online portal offers people a clear picture of what is on offer, how they can access it and the supports available to people also.

 Simon Harris says:  

“Ireland is a small country. We cannot afford to have untapped talent and we cannot leave any person locked out of society because of a lack of skills.  The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to confront many of the skills shortages we have. We must ensure our people have access to the skills they need to succeed in life; and Irish business has the people with the skills they need to grow. This is also critical to securing our recovery and ensuring Ireland’s people share in that recovery.”