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Autumn Schedule 2021 - Galway Executive Skillnet

15 September 2021 

Autumn Schedule 2021 - From Survival to Growth - Galway Executive Skillnet


What’s most important for your business right now? Enable short-term performance or build long-term capability? Truth is, like most companies looking to emerge from survival to growth, you probably need both. This is where we can help!

Galway Executive Skillnet's newly designed Autumn Schedule has a mix of leading-edge programmes focussing on You (Individual Skills), Your Relationships (Communications), and Your Business (Operational Skills and some BRAND NEW Strategic Leadership programmes). 


Your Business: Strategic Leadership:

  • Strategy & Innovation - How to Adapt to Survive & Thrive
    Starting October 7th
    €350 per person
  • Accelerated Leadership Strategies to Increase Growth & Profitability
    Starting October 27th
    €350 per person
  • Developing Talent to Drive Business Succes
    Starting November 10th
    €275 per person

Your Business: Operations & Technical Skills

  • Marketing 101 - Driving Revenue and Results for your Business
    Starting October 11th
    €175 per person
  • Sales 101 - Foundation Selling Skills
    Starting November 18th
    €175 per person
  • Effective Digital Skills for Business Operations - Intermediate Excel
    Starting November 10th
    €95 per person
  • Effective Digital Skills for Business Operations - Advanced Excel
    Starting December 1st
    €95 per person

You: Core Individual Skills

  • Increase Productivity through Effective Time Management
    October 7th
    €95 per person
  • Presenting with Impact
    Starting November 4th
    €95 per person
  • Maintain Positive Relationships through Managing Conflict
    November 16th
    €95 per person
  • Strategies to Build Resilience - How to Survive & Thrive
    November 17th
    €95 per person

Your Relationships: Communication Skills

  • Managing on the Frontline - Delivering Performance
    Starting October 1st
    €395 per person
  • Supervisory Excellence - Developing Supervisory Talent
    Starting November 3rd
    €245 per person
  • Customer Excellence - How to Create 100% Loyalty
    Starting November 16th
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